Risk-factors, Pulmonary-Tuberculosis, Diabetes-Mellitus, Prevalence, Indonesia


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a well-known risk factor for tuberculosis (TB). Prevalence of TB among DM patients ranged from 1.7 % to 36 %. Limited information has been reported regarding TB among DM patients in Indonesia. This case-control study aimed to investigate prevalence and related factors of pulmonary TB among DM patients in Dr. Kariadi General Hospital. Cases of pulmonary TB were defined by a positive acid-fast bacilli smear or molecular rapid test and thorax x-ray. Data were presented as frequency and percentage comparing the case and control group. Chi-square continued by Binary logistic regression analyses were done to determine the relationship between the parameters and TB status performed by the SPSS 16. Prevalence of 8.02% or 72 patients were diagnosed as having pulmonary TB from 898 registered patients with DM. Of the 72 TB patients, 30 completed the data as case group, and 45 DM patients without TB determined as a control group. Comparison between the case and control group study found differences in household contact (63.3 % and 4.4 %, respectively), random plasma glucose (76.7 % and 33.3 %), duration of DM (40 % and 71 %), and treatment compliance (30 % and 68.9 %). The final   model in Binary logistic regression involved household contact, random plasma glucose level, and treatment compliance. The prevalence of pulmonary TB among DM patients in Dr. Kariadi General Hospital was 8.02%. Risk factors that were associated with this occurrence were: household contact, high random plasma glucose level, and poor treatment compliance.


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