• rosnah sutan community health department, medical faculty, University kebangsaan Malaysia



accessibility perception, migrant, reproductive healthcare


This study aims to measure the prevalence of reproductive health services accessibility based on the perception of Indonesian migrant female workers in Malaysia and its influencing factors. A cross-sectional study was conducted among the 593 respondents using a semi-guided questionnaire. Participation for this study came from Kuala Lumpur (230 respondents), Johor Bahru (181 respondents) and Penang (182 respondents). The mean age was 26.8 (SD 6.7) years. Their origin area in Indonesia was from Central Java, North Sumatra, and East Java. The prevalence of easy access to reproductive health services was 66.9%. Multiple logistic regression analysis showed that marital status (aOR=0.389, 95% CI:0.201, p=0.751), good reproductive health knowledge (aOR=1.123,95%CI:1.071,1.177), depression (aOR=0.934, 95%CI:0.884, p=0.986) were the predictors for the good perceptions of reproductive health services accessibility in Peninsular Malaysia. This study depicted that two-third of Indonesian migrant women have an excellent perception of reproductive health services access in Malaysia. Obstacles identified for poor access to the facility were related to time, immigration permit status, and awareness of the assistance needed. Strategies to enhance the accessibility of reproductive health services require collaboration from Indonesian government representatives and non-governmental organisations in Malaysia to help advocate reproductive health services for all, including the Indonesian women workers.


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