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housewives, knowledge, attitude, belief HIV test



HIV testing becomes one of the standard components of mother and child health and family planning services at every level of health care. Increase case oh HIV among Housewives. There are 67% of pregnant women supported HIV test, but only 24% who tested HIV. This study aims to know the factors that influence the housewife attitude toward HIV testing in Yogyakarta which includes knowledge, mother’s belief in HIV testing, belief the attitude of her husband, friend and community leaders. This research is correlational analytic with cross sectional design.  The sample are 350 housewives in Yogya City and Sleman district that already implemented Prevention Mother to Child Transmission for HIV program. Analysis data use chi square and logistic regression. The result is majority of respondents: mothers aged >35 years, secundipara, education level is middle, husband's work as an employee and family income above the regional minimum income standard. Majority respondents have a good knowledge of HIV/AIDS and HIV testing, supportive attitudes toward HIV testing and have high belief in HIV testing from husband's attitudes and community leader’s attitude. Respondents’ belief that the attitude of friends did not support HIV testing for them. The majority have a supportive attitude to HIV testing are have a good knowledge of HIV/AIDS, have high belief in HIV testing, have high belief in the attitudes of husbands, friends and community leaders. The most factors influence on mother's attitude toward HIV testing is mother belief in her husband's attitude


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