• Preethi Nandagopal College of Medicine, Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE
  • Fahad Al-Helli College of Medicine, Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE
  • Shreya Nair College of Medicine, Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE
  • Ibza Farooq Mohammed College of Medicine, Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE
  • Shatha Al-Sharbatti Community Medicine Department, College of Medicine, Gulf Medical University, Ajman UAE
  • Lujain Muteb Abdulkirem Mushairif Primary Healthcare Center Ajman, UAE.


Depression, Quality of Life, Predictors, Old adults


In the UAE, limited data is available on depression among older adults, which is an important public health issue. This is a cross-sectional study that included 410 old adults (60 years and above), both genders, from any nationality, attending healthcare facilities in Ajman, Sharjah, and Centers attached to Civil Society Organizations in Dubai, accepting to sign an Informed consent form. Those who could not communicate were excluded. An interviewer-administered questionnaire was used that included two standardized questionnaires: Geriatric Depression Scale-30 (to assess the depressive symptoms) and WHOQoL-BREF (to assess the impact of depression on Quality of Life(QoL) and additional questions that were validated by two psychiatrists. The study approved by Institutional review board, and Ministry of Health and Prevention, UAE, and Civil Society Organisation authorities and official approval from the sites were obtained. SPSS version 29, Chi-square test and logistic regression analysis were used. Results showed that the prevalence of depression among participants was 39.3% and there were significant associations with: educational level(p<0.001), hypertension(p=0.041), perceived cost of treatment(P<0.009), social support(p<0.001), appetite(p=0.007), smoking(p=0.017), sleep(p=0.018)  and exercise(p<0.001). Depression negatively affects perceived quality of life and health satisfaction(p=0.03). Depression was associated with physical health(p=0.008), psychological(p<0.001), social(p<0.001), and environmental(p=0.037) QoL domains. Level of education(p<0.001), sleep(0.012), exercise(p=0.029), appetite(p=0.025), perceived cost of treatment(P=0.005) were significant predictors of depression. To conclude, the prevalence of depression among old adults in UAE was  high(39.3%). Depression was associated with physical, socio-economic and environmental factors. Depression negatively affects Quality of Life of older adults.

Author Biography

Ibza Farooq Mohammed, College of Medicine, Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE




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